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Fax to Email

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Fax to EmailWhen it comes to fax to email, Envoi Networks has you covered.

When you subscribe to our Enterprise Unlimited Hosted Fax and purchase the Envoi Networks Fax Appliance, you too will be able to:


  • Leverage no-configuration, no port forwarding, no public IP address enterprise-class unlimited fax services
  • Automatically receive a fax to your email
  • Forward faxes from the Fax Customer Portal to one or multiple e-mail addresses
  • Access yor entire fax archive—with user-friendly options, including fax forwarding to email

This is unlimited inbound and outbound faxing: There's never a long distance fee for faxes within the continental US & Canada. At Envoi Networks, we want to make things easy on you so that you can do more—with fewer responsibilities. That's why Enterprise Unlimited Hosted Fax by Envoi Networks is plug-and-play utility! Why did we put so much thought into this solution?

The answer is easy:

Data doesn't do you any good unless you can access it.

Your incoming and outgoing faxes are no different—if you send or receive a fax via traditional fax machine, you may still need to reference it from the road. Well, what if you don't have a paper copy with you? Perhaps the fax was a purchase order, or an important contract, or a form that will allow you to take the next step with your customer or client. Whatever information that fax contains, it doesn't do you any good if it's not in hand.

But having paper records is unsustainable. Eventually, you'll be buried in paper—paper that can get lost or damage. Switching to eFax doens't help either, because the only documents that are archived are the ones that have gone directly through the system. What about faxes that come to your traditional machines? Are they lost to you forever unless you take the time to scan and archive them yourself?

We knew there had to be a better way-

A better way that took the best aspects of all available technologies and married them to the way that humans actually work: we're adaptive and quick thinking, so the system we've designed is equally adaptive and user-friendly. With Envoi Networks you can access your entire fax archive and enjoy the freedom to do business when and where it presents—in every format, even Fax!