Web Content & Network Filtering

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Actively manage your network use with Envoi Networks.

Daily productivity has a lot of competition: news and entertainment websites, social media, downloading or streaming music and videos. These activities don’t just waste time, they can put your network at risk of hack and breach; many sites contain malicious content! There’s another risk to consider: Third party applications like chat programs and unverified downloads can also open doors in your network that hackers can exploit.

Take control of your network and decide in advance which content to restrict with web content and network filtering by Envoi Networks. We can help you protect your network from inbound and outbound malicious content including spyware, adware, phishing and viruses. We can also prevent inappropriate internet usage such as streaming media, file downloads, and copyright violations.

Whether you have one or a hundred locations, Envoi Networks gives you the ability to manage your IT security centrally. We have a full range of support packages and we’re ready to assist you.

  • Content-filtering: know which sites your employees visit and for how long. Restrict certain domains like, etc. to prevent wasted time
  • Spam and virus e-mail protection: filter viruses and spam before they ever reach your network
  • Adware and spyware protection software: prevent adware and spyware from entering your network or from sending information out