Managed Co-Location Services

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Co-location offers many benefits:

  • Reliable up-time due to redundancy
  • Better network speed and reliability because of greatly increased bandwidth
  • Better power redundancy due to backup generators and power sources
  • Reduces overall costs
  • Eliminates the need for remote personnel to manage your infrastructure

If you'd like to establish a co-location, turn to your partners at Envoi Networks. Our team of network and systems professionals will manage and maintain your equipment.Just ship the equipment to us; we'll install it, set it up, and manage as much–or as little–of your applications and infrastructure as you want. 

When you choose managed co-location services from Envoi Networks, you choose to put your business in good hands. We'll respond to all issues: hardware, software, upgrades, patches, security issues, and related infrastructure management and maintenance tasks. Ask us for more information. We'll give you a cost estimate so that you can see why managed co-location services are right for your co-location needs!