The Equinix Data Center Advantage

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Envoi Networks has developed a Cloud you can trust because our technologies and infrastructure are safely and securely located in one of the world’s preeminent data centers, the Equinix Data Center facility.  We made this decision because when it comes to the quality, reliability, and integrity of your converged communication solution, you have one make-or-break requirement: it has to work. That’s why we’ve invested in excellence.


Equinix will transform the management of your data. Check out its unique features below!

  • The physical security of the Equinix Data Center utilizes an array of security equipment, techniques and procedures to control, monitor and record access to the facility and cage areas. Watch this video to learn more about the multiple levels of security employed at a typical Equinix data center.

  • Equinix centers provide a minimum N+1 redundancy for every power system, delivering the most reliable up-time availability in the industry. The Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems prevent power spikes, surges and brownouts while redundant backup diesel generators provide additional fuel to keep the data center powered up in the event that public utility fails.

  • Equinix's robust Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) system provides optimum conditions for equipment operation and minimizes downtime due to equipment failure by delivering appropriate airflow, temperature and humidity.

  • Equinix has multi-zoned, dry pipe, water-based fire suppression systems with sensory mechanisms (sniffers) that tie into dual alarms (heat and/or smoke) activation. Water only enters the fire suppression system in the event of two cross-zone alarms, and will only disperse in the event of a broken or melted sprinkler-head. Any water discharge will be sprinkler-head specific, limiting the potential for damage caused by over-spray.

  • Structural systems at Equinix meet or exceed seismic design requirements of local building codes for lateral seismic design forces. Equipment and nonstructural components, including cabinets, are anchored and braced.